Harness the power of the wind to keep your pond healthy and clean!

Our windmills aerate your pond, adding oxygen throughout and circulating the water.

This reduces bad smells and algae, makes a healthier environment for fish and waterfowl, and a better recreational environment!

Does your pond look like this?

Then it needs aeration. A pond aerator will circulate water and spread oxygen throughout the pond, leaving it cleaner and healthier.

Windmill or electric aeration transforms stagnant water into an even distribution of oxygen and temperature.

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A healthy pond ... all year long.

Windmill aeration can keep a pond open for waterfowl all year long. Stagnant water can easily freeze, but bottom aeration keep water circulating. Aeration removes stratification and adds oxygen so that fish have a healthy environment year round.

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Use free wind energy to keep your pond clean

Aeration can reduce algae and bad smells, stop fish kills, reduce midge fly populations, keep your pond from freezing over and more. All via a free, renewable, green form of energy – the wind!

The many benefits of pond aeration!

Pond scum and algae

Reduce Algae & Foul Smells

Unhealthy, stagnant ponds produce algae and bottom muck. Some algae is actually toxic and/or can create very bad smells. Aeration makes everything better in a pond by introducing oxygen and a flow to the entire volume of water which helps prevent algae from forming.

No mosquitos/midge flies

Eliminate Mosquitos

Pesky insects like mosquitos and midge flies LOVE stagnant water. Aeration will help eliminate their breeding ground and greatly reduce their population.

Recreational Pond Area

Better Recreational Area

We all want to enjoy our ponds. Aeration makes it a better swimming environment. A calm, clean, healthy pond is bliss in the summertime. And a windmill is a very pretty thing too!

Bass in pond

Healthier Fish Environment

When ponds have stratified water temperatures and reduced oxygen levels, fish have a very hard time. If oxygen levels get low enough it can lead to a full on fish kill. Windmill aeration breaks up the stratification keeps oxygen at good, uniform levels throughout the pond.

Introducing the Becker Windmill – the best GREEN way to aerate your pond, period.

The Most Powerful Windmill Available

Unlike some other windmills on the market, ours aerates from the very bottom of your pond, churning the entire pond, not just the middle or top.

Our windmills are precision engineered to operate at lower wind speeds and provide up to 60% more air pumping capacity than other windmills.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

With a windmill you get pond aeration at a much lower overall cost of other aeration systems. You can have your windmill paid off in 3 years or less, while people with electric aerators will still be paying upwards of $50 a month in electric costs.

They’ll be paying electric bills month after month, while your windmill will be spinning thanks to 100% free wind energy!

Free Wind Energy

Some people worry about wind power not always being available. Well, there is almost always wind in the midwest, especially in states like Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, and especially in the winter when it is perhaps the most needed.

Even better, our windmills work even with the wind blowing at only 3 miles per hour!

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