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Unhealthy, stagnant ponds produce bottom muck, accelerate the growth of floating organic matter and cause foul odors. Aeration will keep the water circulating and combat
all of these problems.

Aeration changes everything

A bottom aeration system creates a vertical current that uses the rising force of millions

of small bubbles to turn the pond water over. This allows all levels of the pond to carry dissolved oxygen. The water on the bottom level moves up throughout the pond, eliminating the thermal stratification or separation of water layers.


Oxygen levels increase, expanding the living space and promoting the natural breakdown of organic material at the bottom of the pond. Our diffusers sit at the deepest point in the pond. This allows oxygen to circulate throughout the entire pond, not just part of it. Otherwise, thermal stratification can remain and the pond's depth may not have enough dissolved oxygen.

The Benefits of Pond Aeration


Water Quality

As ponds age, the build-up of organic muck can cause problems with water quality. Aeration can stop and even reverse the effects of aging by adding needed oxygen throughout the pond and circulating the water.


More Fun
for You

Pond aeration creates a better swimming area and place for you to spend time in the spring and summer months. You will have a clean and healthy pond

for all to enjoy.


Healthier Fish

When a pond experiences temperature stratification, a fish kill can result. The Becker Windmill Aeration System will help prevent this from happening and create a year-round healthy environment for your fish.

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