Aeration – a critical aspect of a healthy pond

Aeration – a critical aspect of a healthy pond

Aeration is a valuable asset in creating a healthy pond! Whether you have a backyard pond, retention pond or farm pond, they all need aeration.

Without bottom aeration, ponds become stagnant and the water temperature becomes layered. It’s like a pool of a warm summer day. think back to when you were a kid and the water looked so inviting. You dipped your feet in and it felt great! You couldn’t wait to get in, so you got up, stepped back, took a running start, and jumped in. 5 seconds later you come up from the bottom of the pool, yelling about how cold it was at towards the bottom!

It’s because without anything else to stir up the pool, the water gradually went into layers, with the coldest on the bottom and warmest on the top. It’s the same in a pond, except it’s called “stratification”.


The lowest, coldest layer of a pond (called a hypolimnion) has very little dissolved oxygen. This leads to organisms either moving upward or dying off. When they die off they add to the accumulating organic muck and increase the amount of bad bacteria.

A bottom diffusing aeration unit cures all of this. It might sound stupid, but an aerator aerates the pond, adding millions of air bubbles to it. These air bubbles create a vertical, circulating current. They bring the cold water to the top and warm water to the bottom, “turning over” the pond and making everything a (mostly) uniform temperature.

There are lots of benefits of aerating your pond, including creating uniform oxygen levels, better water clarity, better natural (beneficial) pond bacteria, a better fish habitat and one they can use year round, less muck, a better swimming and recreation area and more.

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