Becker Aeration Windmills

The absolute best choice in wind powered pond aeration.

Powerful, long lasting pond aeration powered by free wind energy.


The Becker Windmill offers the most powerful aeration on the market. Our windmills help your pond by reducing algae and foul smells, reducing or eliminating insects, creates an oxygenated environment for fish, and making a more beautiful swimming and recreation area.


Best of all, the money you save by not paying for electric aeration ($30-50/month) means that you will have paid for your Becker Windmill roughly 3 years after you bought it!


Becker Windmills are 100% made in America and, unlike our competitors, our windmills are manufactured using top of the line parts.


There’s no better time than right now to invest in the health & beauty of your pond.

Why Buy A Becker Windmill?

Aeration Windmills are ideal for aerating remote ponds that don’t have electricity nearby
Pond aerators help remove unsightly algae and the horrible smells that go along with it
Windmills help reduce or eliminate pesky insects like mosquitos and midge flies

Bottom diffusion aerators help ponds from freezing over in the winter, giving a home to waterfowl like ducks.


Aeration reduces the chance of a fish kill and creates a more oxygenated environment for fish


Pond aeration creates a better swimming area and place to hang out in the spring and summer months

The strongest windmill on the market

Some other windmill manufacturers use lesser diaphragms (sometimes airbags from a truck or an inner tube). They don’t pump nearly as much air as ours, and the diffusers can’t be put as deep as our can go.

Our Diffusers sit at the deepest point in the pond.

This allows oxygen to circulate throughout THE ENTIRE pond, not just part of it. Otherwise, thermal stratification can still remain and the depths of the pond may not have enough dissolved oxygen.

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Wind is free ... a small initial investment will pay a lifetime of dividends

A windmill requires no electricity to operate. It will run year round, keeping your pond aerated and in great shape.

Electric aerators cost anywhere from $30-50 per month to operate, for the lifetime of the system. Windmills have an upfront cost and that’s it. No monthly fees. By the end of the third year, your windmill will have paid for itself!

Windmill aeration is also great for remote ponds in the country that don’t have electricity nearby. Running electric to a pond can be costly.

Instead let 100% free wind energy power your aeration device!

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We also offer…

Custom Painted Windmills

Make your windmill even more beautiful with custom powder coating! The custom paint will make it look amazing. You can choose from John Deere colors, International Harvester, Ohio State and more! We also offer single or two color combinations. Great for both aeration or ornamental windmills. This is a gorgeous looking powder coat over galvanized steel.

Powder Coat Color Options

Color Pallette

Color samples may vary slightly from our actual product due to differences
in digital colors versus real world paint colors, computer displays, etc.

Windmill repair & service

Windmill Repair & Service

We service and repair windmills in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

All mechanical things need repair or maintenance at some point.  Repair kits are available for our windmills as well as some of our competitors.

We can repair and service most brands of pond aeration windmills as well as our own. If you’re not sure who manufactured your windmill or are out of their service area, give us a call – we may be able to help! Parts are also available.