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The Becker Windmills System offers the most powerful aeration on the market. Our windmill aeration system reduces stagnant water and foul odors, improves water quality, creates an oxygenated environment for fish and offers a pleasant swimming/recreational area.

Our diffusers can sit at the deepest point allowing oxygen to circulate throughout the entire pond, keeping thermal stratification at bay and providing the healthy environment needed for fish and people alike.


Engineered for Efficiency

The Blades

The 12 tapered blades, attached to a large, 72" diameter fan wheel, are engineered to start turning at wind speeds as low as 5 mph. They also develop high power in strong winds.

The Tail

The tail design keeps the windmill facing directly into the wind. When wind speeds reach 30 mph, or higher, the automatic over-speed protection forces the fan wheel to turn away from the direct wind.

The Compressor

In conjunction with the 72" blade assembly, the high pressure diaphragm compressor will pump 60% more air into your water than other brands. It pumps 2.4 cfm in a 9 mph wind, 3.2 cfm in 15 mph winds and will begin operating in
a 2-3 mph breeze.


Manufactured for Durability

The Tower

Each of our towers are constructed out of 16 gauge galvanized steel and also have 6-bolt anchor stake clamps. Both providing strength and durability.

The Diaphragm

Along with its efficiency, the reinforced diaphragm is die-cut for accuracy and longevity. Reducing the amount of time need for replacement and/or maintenance. 


The crankshaft is crafted with high-strength 1045 TGP steel. The bearings are permanently grease-sealed and designed for heavy load capacity.


The Strongest Windmills

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