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Features & Specs

  • Made in the USA

  • Engineered for easy assembly and minimal maintenance

  • 5 Year limited warranty

  • Pond aeration without
    the use of electricity

  • Windmills can sit up to 1000 feet away from the pond's edge


Overspeed Protection

Our windmills feature built-in overspeed protection during extreme wind events, where winds reach 30 mph or higher. They can generate air in low wind conditions and max air out in high wind events.

The air compressor, blade assembly and tail assembly are properly balanced over the top of the tower, allowing the head assembly to easily find the direction of the wind.

The Features


Longevity &
Optimal Performance

The compressor is a direct drive diaphragm pump. The diaphragm is reinforced neoprene that has been die-cut for accuracy and longevity. Offering a 60% larger piston and diaphragm assembly than competitors, along with the 72" blade assembly, it will pump more air into your water through a reusable filter.



The Becker Windmills' design, made of galvanized steel "X" bracing and angles,
mimics old-style water pump windmills.
Our towers feature four legs and 6-bolt anchor stake clamps that provide a complete stability system.


The 16 foot and taller units include tower hinges which allow the windmill to be lowered for easy inspection and maintenance.


Freeze Control

The optional Freeze Control Unit monitors
the airline, keeping excessive pressure from building up in the compressor. During the
winter, it allows for aeration and will release
an alcohol agent to keep the line from freezing.

  • All intake air is filtered through a reusable filter

Galvanized Steel Construction

  • Legs & Horizontals: 16 gauge

  • Cross Bracing: 22 gauge

  • Blades: 22 gauge

  • Spacers: 21 gauge

Tower Stance/Dimensions

  • 12' Tall Tower: 4'-4" square base

  • 16' Tall Tower: 5'-8" square base

  • 20' Tall Tower: 7' square base

Crankshaft & Bearings

  • Crankshaft - made of high-strength 1045 TGP steel

  • Bearing - permanently grease-sealed and designed for heavy load capacity

Reinforced Diaphragm

  • Reinforced neoprene diaphragm that is die-cut for accuracy and longevity

The Specs


Airflow Performance

Cubic Foot per Minute

  • 2.4 CFM at 9 mph

  • 3.2 CFM at 15 mph

  • 5 CFM at 16 mph and faster

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