20′ Deluxe Windmill Kit

$2,400.00 $2,076.00

Product Description

A 20′ DELUXE windmill kit, complete with everything you need to aerate your pond. The deluxe kit is designed for ponds with irregular shapes, such as horseshoe ponds, kidney shaped ponds and pond with islands. These sort of ponds require more aeration to reach the extra areas (as opposed to a wide open pond which take less to aerate).

For this reason the deluxe windmill kit comes with:

Compressor, wheel, tail, tower, 100′ poly tubing, 2x 100′ coils of weighted tubing, 2 single membrane diffusers and a 2-way splitter.

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Tower Stance

  • 12′ Tower (4’4″ Square) – 15′ Total Height
  • 16′ Tower (5’8″ Square) – 19′ Total Height
  • 20′ Tower (7’0″ Square) – 23′ Total Height
  • 24′ Tower (8’3″ Square) – 27′ Total Height


Air pump capacity:

  • 2.4 CFM at 9 mph
  • 3.2 CFM at 14 mph
  • 5 CFM at higher speeds

Maximum Pressure: 30#


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