Sediment Removal For Severe Pond Problems


Aeration is fantastic and goes a long way to keeping your pond healthy and clean. However, for more severe pond problems you may need to have the bottom sediment removed.

Organic sediment can collect on the bottom of your pond and can lead to harmful nutrients which lead to excessive weed growth. In extreme cases, more than aeration is needed to bring your pond back to health.

In these cases, we have a solution!

Our team will literally go into your pond and “suck up the muck”. The sediment is suctioned out to land or containers nearby where it can dry. It can be mixed with topsoil and used as landscaping soil or hauled away.

Your pond meanwhile will be primed for health. Of course you will also want to maintain that healthy pond by introducing some form of aeration to it, but with the bottom sediment removed the job will be made that much easier!

Our sister company is called MuckSuckers. It’s the Ohio distributor of Sediment Removal Solutions. With the combination of MuckSuckers’ sediment removal and our aeration systems, your pond will remain pristine and healthy!


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