Video: Pond Aeration & Maintenance on “In Ohio Country Today”

Video: Pond Aeration & Maintenance on “In Ohio Country Today”

Becker Windmills was featured on “In Ohio Country Today“, the award winning TV show by Wilson 1 Communications and Dan Wilson as co-host/Producer.

We go in-depth about pond maintenance and pond aeration and we thought we would share it with you. See transcription below video.



Andy Moser:

My name is Andy Moser I’m part of the sales staff here at Becker Windmills. There are a lot of different benefits to an aeration system. It doesn’t do only one thing. It does aerated water obviously. What we’re trying to do is we’re trying to we’re trying to circulate the water in the pond. For instance, if you put a bottom diffuser in your pond, which is the typical installation that we do for either windmill or electric, what we’re doing is we’re pumping air, atmospheric air, to a bottle diffuser and those bubbles with go towards the surface.

Now, there is some actual diffusion of the oxygen into the water at that point. But what really is going on is you’re actually pulling and pushing cold water that’s trapped at the bottom of your of your pond to the surface. As it’s getting pushed towards the surface it’s being aerated but,also what’s happening is tiny phytoplankton algae, through photosynthesis, is adding additional oxygen to the water that was trapped at the bottom of the pond that was oxygen-deficient. So, you’re moving that cold oxygen-depleted water to the surface where it would be oxygenated.

There’s more than one benefit to an aeration system into your pond. But the biggest thing is that, and anybody knows, anybody has ever swam in a farm pond in the summertime – July, August – the surface of the water in the pond is usually very, very hot. So what happens is you get a stratification of layers in your pond. Your hot, highly oxygenated water on the surface and you get your cold deoxygenated water at the bottom. So what we want to do, is to add oxygen to the bottom of the pond also. And if we do that by adding a bottom diffuser and pumping oxygen or air down into that diffuser and letting it rise to the surface, circulating the water in the pond. Another thing an aeration system can provide a person, is the fact that an aeration system, a bottom diffuser aeration system, can help prevent fish killed in your pond. People spend a lot of money stocking their ponds and getting a good population of fish in their pond. And we don’t want all those fish, obviously, to die. So what we want to do is we want to eliminate what we call the thermocline in the pond. And by creating a current in the pond, putting a diffuser at the bottom of the pond, creating the flow of water in a circular motion like a vortex, we are circulating the water. So, if you had highly oxygenated water on the surface but no oxygen at the bottom, all that water is getting stirred together so you’re dissolved oxygen content overall drops dramatically and can kill your fish, within hours.



Billy Bailey

Hi. I’m Billy Bailey.  I’m part of the Becker family business here at Becker Products and Services.

[About People Inquiring About Windmills] I ask them how large their pond is, how deep their pond is, you know.  If they have fish. Is it recreational? Stuff like that.  This is an American-made product where we assemble and manufacture here in Ohio. If you want us to assemble it for you, we could build it here, take it out to your site, we can install it for you. A lot of times if they’re further away they can tell me the size and I can tell them how much they will aerate.  An acre and a half, possibly two acres if it’s shaped like a bowl or an oval. And we do offer estimates.  Where they’re local around here, where we can drive out there and take a look at their pond.

If they don’t get a lot of wind, they may want to go for electric. A lot of times people will go for the windmill for the nostalgic look and also they start turning out 4 mph winds to where a windmill is just pretty much maintenance-free.  We have a five-year warranty on the compressor. This is including the bearings, adjustable push rods, that kind of stuff. Yes, gradual winds will start turning out of the wind. About 30-mile an hour winds. They can take on a straight-line wind if it’s properly mounted in the ground and they come with four stakes that come with the windmill and also if your ground conditions are just a little questionable, you may wanna do some additional anchoring.

We use four-foot ground stakes that come with the windmill. If your ground is questionable, you may want to do a concrete pad or a screw and anchor stake with some guidelines on the inside. The process for getting a windmill is, to be installed, we look to be like within a few weeks to order one through the phone – we try to get it out that same week.  Our customers are your hobby farmers, your country people who have the recreational pond, who like to fish, we’ve even sold to farmers. Their cows want fresher water to drink.  We’ve actually sold some for sewage treatments. Animals, the sewage waste, they will put a diffuser in there to create, or get aerating in there in the sewage part and we also sell them as ornamental. If you just want the look of a windmill.


Ron Becker

This is just a part of the assembly process. We assemble all the compressors so the customer doesn’t have to do that. Each one of these wind compressors is tested before we ship them out. We want to make sure we’ve got the right amount of air pressure going out and everything is tight and working properly.  The windmills are packaged in a way that it’s simple to put together. Whether we’re doing it for you or whether you want to do it yourself. Each box is coordinated with different sections of the tower. We have the twelve-foot and sixteen-foot and twenty-foot, or even a twenty-four foot section. And we recommend that you only open the box according to the section of the tower that you’re working on – it just eliminates confusion. We have some very detailed instructions that, it’s really not a hard job to put these together yourself, but we will go out in a 250-mile radius of our shop here and we’ll do the complete job for you. Setting it up, putting it together, installing the diffusers in your pond.



Andy Moser

Pond owners, you’re aware that your pond on your property holds a specific value and a pond like anything else, requires maintenance. So it’s just like your yard or your landscaping, your pond also needs regular maintenance. By adding a diffuser, adding this aeration system to your pond is going to improve your water quality and is going to give the home owner, the pond owner, the ability to manage the aquatic weeds in this pond more easily. Therefore increasing the pond’s value, the aesthetic value of the property in its entirety.

So now, you’ve got a choice. You can aerate your pond in two different ways. You can either install an electric aeration unit or you can go with a windmill aeration unit.  Now, there’s actually benefits to each and everyone in certain situations. For instance, if you had a pond that has no electric service to it. You need 110 electric to hook the electric aeration unit up. Electric aeration units will power more diffusers than a windmill, on average. So if you have a large pond that has electric hook up, then you would obviously probably go with an electric unit. However, if you have a pond that’s in a very remote setting or you have a pond in a farm setting that you would like the aesthetic value of a windmill, well there, then you would consider having the fact of having a windmill-powered aeration unit.

So you can see how that, there can be differences in ponds and therefore those differences will depict what aeration system that you would desire. If it’s a very large pond, one thing you need to consider is that for every quarter to half acre surface area of water, you want to have a diffuser unit.  So if you have a two-acre pond you definitely want to go with an electric aeration unit versus a windmill. So the next step for pond owners is to contact Becker Windmills. You can call us on the phone at 1-888-905-3595 or visit us simply at

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