Why use aeration for your pond?

Why use aeration for your pond?

Aeration adds oxygen through a diffuser at the bottom of a pond. This creates a column of fine bubbles that quickly rise to the surface. This action pulls the cold, stagnant water from the bottom up to the top of the pond where it is aerated by oxygen-producing phytoplankton. The water is the circulated back to the bottom of the pond.

Getting oxygen into the bottom of the pond allows aerobic bacteria and all other life to exist at greater depths. The pond’s ecosystem becomes balanced from bottom to top, allowing for much faster decomposition of sludge and greater weed control.

Without aeration, a pond might end up looking like this...

Without aeration, a pond might end up looking like this…

Fish will also grow faster because more food is available.

Bottom aeration will also keep an open area during ice-over. This is great for waterfowl as they can use the pond year-round. Open ice also allows for light to penetrate the pond and keep phyto plankton alive to produce more oxygen. Conversely, snow cover on ice can shut out light and cause phyto plankton to die.

Aeration is the single best way to keep your pond in great condition!

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