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Photo: Joshua Swift, customer

  • Aeration windmills are ideal for remote ponds that don't have access to electricity

  • Windmills require zero electricity to operate, keeping your pond aerated and in great shape

  • Windmills can sit up to 1,000 feet away from
    the ponds edge


  • Save $30-$40 per month by avoiding monthly energy bills to run an electric aerator

  • Pond aerators reverse pond aging and help alleviate stagnant water, foul odors and muck build-up

  • Bottom diffusion aerators help ponds from freezing over in the winter, giving homes to ducks and other waterfowl

  • Aeration reduces the chance of a fish kill and creates a more oxygenated environment for fish

  • Pond aeration creates a better swimming area and place for you to spend your time during the spring and summer months


Photo: Craig Mast, customer


Why Choose a
Becker Windmill?

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